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For The Pool Table



Serious Technology

for the Serious Player

Review your breaks, history, stats, and more. Anywhere.


The Ultimate Break Training Tool


Every table offers a new puzzle. When you crack that puzzle and find a break that works, consistency is what keeps it working, game after game. BreakDemon provides that critical feedback you need - the cue ball speed - to build that muscle memory for consistent, repeatable breaks.


A powerful break is more than just bragging rights. A wide range of power gives you more options at the table when trying to find what works. BreakDemon's instant feedback and historic data allow you to track your progress over time. Compete against your own running average for a fun way to add pressure and focus to your training.


The break can often determine which side of the bracket you end up on. But a great break requires a lot of work. Without proper feedback, training can be fruitless and frustrating. Optimize your training with BreakDemon and stop giving away those wins.

Always Ready

Never miss a break

Designed For Official Use

BreakDemon™ Tournament Edition was designed from the ground up for scale. From hole-in-the-wall pool rooms to leagues to international tournaments. Its small footprint allows for discreet mounting on tournament tables.

Peak Innovation

From our custom circuitry to our intelligent software, BreakDemon sets the standard for precision and performance.

Stay in the game with BreakDemon.