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Make an Impression

BreakDemon provides an innovative solution to increase player engagement and create a new revenue opportunity.

Unique Value Add

BreakDemon offers a unique and premium experience for customers, setting your pool room apart from the competition and influencing their choice to visit your establishment.

Generate Additional Revenue

Maximize your investment in BreakDemon by charging a premium for enabling the feature on individual tables, creating a new revenue stream for your pool room.

Boost Player Engagement

BreakDemon enhances player engagement by providing a tool for skill improvement, ensuring fair play, and adding a fun competitive element to the gameplay experience.

Showcase Player Skills

With HDMI output, players can showcase their skills on large screens, adding excitement and entertainment value to both players and spectators.

Promote Fair Play

By supporting leagues and tournaments that utilize BreakDemon, you can ensure fair and competitive play by helping to eliminating the soft break.

Streamline Venue Management

Utilize BreakDemon's Venue Management Architecture to effectively manage multiple locations and devices, creating a seamless experience for both players and spectators, whether on-site or remotely.