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Intelligent Recognizer

Similar to voice recognition technology, BreakDemon has been trained on a vast dataset of break shots under various conditions. The result is precise cue ball speed recognition accurate to within 0.03 MPH.

Always On, Always Ready*

BreakDemon automatically recognizes break shots the moment they occur. No need for manual input - just break and go!

Remote Sense

BreakDemon's patent-pending innovative remote sensing technology allows for easy mounting above the pool table, ensuring it doesn't interfere with gameplay.

Seamless Connectivity

View your break history, performance stats, and more from anywhere with the intuitive BreakDemon App.

User-Friendly Interface

The touchscreen display and responsive user interface on BreakDemon deliver a seamless and interactive user experience.

HDMI Output

Easily showcase your break speeds on a larger screen using the built-in HDMI output.

Automatic Updates

Enjoy continuous enhancements and new features with automatic updates for your BreakDemon.

Official Review System

In formal settings, referees can review and analyze any break shot if any discrepancies arise, offering a transparent and fair review process.

Performance Tracking

Monitor your progress and compare statistics conveniently on the device or remotely via the BreakDemon App. Challenge yourself to beat your own records!


Whether you have a single table at home or organize tournaments with multiple tables, BreakDemon accommodates all setups with ease.

Venue Management

Effectively manage multiple BreakDemon devices by grouping them according to their physical locations, ideal for pool rooms, tournament organizers, and more.

Learn how BreakDemon can revolutionize your tournaments and pool rooms.